Thursday, January 22, 2009

elevation 2757.04

i've been living at the penland school of crafts for nearly 3 weeks now and i think my mind is beginning to quiet down from all the moving, unpacking, reorganizing, cleaning...i've been working a little bit, mostly keeping up with mail orders. i also finished work for my taboo studio group exhibition which opens on february 13. then yesterday i spent most of the day making samples for the buyers market of american craft show, also in february. i only have a few things left to make for that. after i finish getting ready for that show i can focus on acc searchlight. february is such a busy month! when i return i will have nothing planned, indefinitely, and i'm pretty excited. this is the first time in a very long time that i have no plans. i'm looking forward to just being here and making work.

i took a picture yesterday of the front of the building where my studio is located. (see above and look towards the end of the building. you'll see a window in the roof - that's where my studio is.) i also took a picure of the tiles in the entryway which state the elevation and latitude-longitude. seeing this information every day makes my place in the world more concrete in my mind as i imagine penland on a globe or world map.
thanks for reading.

2 comments: said...

penland...ahhh alittle slice of craft heaven. have fun!

Michael Kline said...

I hope you like your new studio, it's very nice in the winter. I hope that I can come visit sometime, but it's so difficult to get there! Yet, I only live a few miles away!?!?! What's up with that?!?

Good Luck!