Monday, January 19, 2009

forgotten pictures and a comment on bye bye

i came across a few january jewelry of the month photos i took awhile back and then forgot about. these are a few in progress shots. they aren't terribly exciting, though. i often set out to photograph the entire process of making a piece from beginning to end. i take a few pictures and then i forget the follow-through.
i also wanted to mention that my sale ended on friday and with it i removed all the retired pieces from my website. i felt a tremendous sense of relief when i did this. my collections became a little too much for me this year, mainly due to the number of pieces. there were just too many in my opinion, too many too keep track of, too many to make. now i have three working collections - egg and bean, steel and gold, and preface. i like the compactness of the three. i feel that focusing my attention on three collections increases their presence and importance.

i haven't had my web designer update the shop page yet, so the retired collection thumbnails are still present. (they will go away soon.) for now it looks like signature and layered are still available, but you'll find when you visit that there are no images left. (also, men's is now a part of preface, but it appears as its own separate collection.)

the new spring pieces are done, photographed, and will be available as usual on march 21.

thanks for reading.

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