Wednesday, August 27, 2008

from point a to point b

i started making some of my spring 2009 collection pieces on monday. (i selected a few designs in each collection as a preview. these will be available on september 22.) as you may know already, i spent some time a few weeks ago thinking about and sketching my new designs. i've been eager to get to my bench to make them, waiting to finish other projects first. to my frustration, i have found the process to be difficult, but on second thought, i'm not surprised. i started making the new pieces monday morning and by 4 i was tired and out of creative energy for the day. i got an early start yesterday and two hours later had to leave because i was doing more staring than anything else. i headed to my office to deal with paperwork instead. today was similar - i made it through about 3 hours, then more paperwork - but, i did complete several pieces. i knew the designs would change a lot in that time and they did. as i start making, i see things in new ways and i often question which can lead to loosing focus and motivation. indecision often gets in my way. i really hope to complete the work tomorrow. maybe another fresh start will help.
thanks for reading.

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