Friday, August 8, 2008

buyers market of american craft, part 2

here are the before and after pictures of my booth. i was happy with the final look - it was basically what i had imagined. it's very much a work-in-progress, but i think a good first effort.
as for my expectations, i went in knowing it could be slow. i heard this show is not as well-attended by buyers in the summer as it is in february. i also knew i might not get much attention because i'm new on the scene, building a presence at these shows is important. i did manage to get 4 new accounts and i'm very pleased. my goal was 3.

during my down time i worked on new designs for 2009. since i had my entire body of work in front of me, it was easy to see what each collection needs. i also made lists of what i would like to do next time, what went well, what needs to change, etc. i observed others as much as possible. it was a tremendous learning experience.

thanks for reading.


Allisyn said...

i love the look of your booth! the small vases and flowers add such a nice touch. it's like a mini-environment with a comfy, cozy feel to it!

Sayo said...

Your booth looks amazing! I love the scalloped detail of the table cloth, and it was such a good idea to cover your displays with cork! Very nice!

amy tavern said...

thanks to you both! i made the scallop edge with a glass. and the cork is contact paper! so easy.

knitsteel said...

Thanks for posting. I'm very interested in improving my own booth and it's great to see the pics. I'm collecting all sorts of inspiring booth display pics in my pinterest display concept board too.