Monday, August 18, 2008

buyers market of american craft, part 3

what would i do differently?

the first day of the show i made a list of things i need to acquire for the next time i do a show like the buyers market of american craft. number one on my list is to change my lighting. i borrowed lights for this show and they worked just fine for my first time, however, they could definitely be brighter and easier to install and take down. my lights had long cords that had to be individually wrapped around the above pole. this took a long time. then because they hung straight down some of my jewelry did not get the direct light it needed. track lights are the answer. i noted that everyone had them. they can be zip-tied in place and when the show is over the ties can be quickly clipped. i will also be able to spotlight my entire collection due to the versatility of the lights themselves.what else?

different price tags. i printed mine on sticky labels, but the labels did not stick very well. the ends curled up and looked messy. they were also white and not exactly inconspicuous.

a few more display pieces. i had enough, really, but a few more earring stands and cork rounds would be nice. i would also like small signs to denote my different collections.

2 more posters of my jewelry. posters can be eye-catching. i only had two for this show. an additional two will add more detail to my rather bare walls and hopefully grab the attention of more passers by. i will choose more images with high contrast like the multi with gold necklace image on the right.
other things i will do differently… organize everything i bought better for more efficiency and ease. i would also like my own dolly and step ladder.

thanks for reading.

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