Wednesday, August 6, 2008

buyers market of american craft, part 1

i am back from the buyers market of american craft wholesale show in philadelphia. the experience as a whole was excellent and fascinating. i am feeling incredibly pumped - excited about what i learned, about my work, and what's in store for the next few months and for 2009. here's a break-down of what happened:

i left on thursday, july 31 with my friend, studiomate, and fellow show exhibitor, joanna gollberg. we packed her van and hit the road around 1pm, stopping for the night after driving about 7 hours. the next day we got an early start and found our way to the philly convention center. the above picture is my first view of the scene. i spent about 5 hours setting up my booth. it was hard work, but i have to say i did it in a rather relaxed manner, pausing frequently to meet neighbors and to catch-up with friends. the next three days went just as i expected. more on that tomorrow...

thanks for reading.

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