Thursday, August 21, 2008

buyers market of american craft, part 4

the wrap up...

here's a short list of things i did for the buyers market show that i will definitely do again:

change my shoes frequently. i had three pairs of shoes hidden away under my tables and i changed them every couple of hours. my feet never hurt.

bring snacks and drink lots of water. it helps to not be hungry and water keeps headaches away.

bring my sketchbook. draw and take notes. like i mentioned before, seeing my entire collection all at once made me think differently about my jewelry. i was able to see what each separate group needs and doesn't need. i designed nearly all of my 2009 additions. i also observed what was going on around me like crazy and took notes on booths, jewelry displays, and booth behavior.

finally, i will keep my booth pretty much the same. i want to see what the second time around brings before i make any big alterations. plus, i would like to spread the amount of time and energy that went into my first display over more than one experience. thinking about how easy it will be to prepare for the next one makes me very happy.

thanks for reading.


Michael Kline said...

I don't do a lot of shows anymore but I can agree on all your helpful points. I haven't tried changing shoes, though, but can imagine that it does a lot of good.

amy tavern said...

thanks, michael. the shoes were key. anything you can add?