Monday, July 6, 2015

Updates Updates

I updated my website over the weekend to reflect the works-in-progress I described all last week and two recent groups of jewelry, Architecture and At Once Final. I added brief descriptions for most of the different bodies of work and changed many of the thumbnail images. I also added a link to YouTube where you can see my work-in-progress videos, which I will add to more often now. Awhile back I updated the artist statement section to reflect new versions and a brand new general artist statement that describes what I strive to do in all of my work. Here is that statement now:

"I am devoted to observing the world that surrounds me and questioning the human condition through the lens of my own life experience. Through a variety of traditional and exploratory multi-media techniques, I create jewelry, objects, and installations that hint at memory, time, loss, and the layered sense of self I believe we all carry. I intuitively select materials and forms to represent the intangible and to create abstract narratives. Using my own memory of people, places, and objects, I seek to communicate the duality of the human experience, convey emotion, and connect with others."

I hope you will visit the freshened site!

Thanks for reading.

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