Friday, July 17, 2015

Necklace No. 12, For My Dad

Necklace No. 12 from Collected Memories: 1974-Present

My dad's birthday is today. He would have been 70. This is a necklace I made about him and a pair of earrings he gave me when I was 17. Each color represents a stage of his life: childhood, his life with my mom, my brother, and I, and his life with Alzheimer's. The shape of the folded fabric pieces represents the shape of the earrings. My father had been recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's when I made it and this knowledge weighed heavily upon me. I could not help but consider how he was losing his memory as I was trying to recreate mine through my work. This necklace represents a key moment for me and my understanding of my use of memory.

In honor of my dad's birthday I will take a long walk along the ocean, a place he loved. I will also eat some cake.

Thanks for reading.


Catherine Chandler said...

Truly beautiful--both the necklace and the sentiment. I hope you had a wonderful day in remembrance. Sending you love!

Amy Tavern said...

Thank you, Catherine! It was a wonderful day... it was really sad, too, but I am glad I took that time.