Thursday, May 21, 2015

Seattle for Two Weeks, Part 2

above and below: a few favorites from 

And as always, I took in lots of jewelry while in Seattle: Jana Brevick's wonderful and impressive solo exhibition, Madeleine Albright's extensive brooch collection, and the delicate, beautifully designed work of Curtis Steiner (not to mention his incredible eye for artifacts and arrangements). Each visit was inspiring and reminded me why I love jewelry as much as I do. 

elegant, refined, minimal, and modern necklace by Curtis Steiner 
(special thanks to Curtis for the images)

gorgeous layered necklace display, Curtis Steiner

fascinating objects and arrangement, Curtis Steiner

and statement I agree with 100%: 

"jewelry's greatest value comes...from the emotions 
we invest in them"

Thanks for reading.

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