Wednesday, May 13, 2015

24 Devoted Hours

my amazing class and all their work

Over the weekend I taught an artist process class at Pratt Fine Arts Center and it was a truly wonderful, rewarding, inspiring experience. The master class was three 8-hour days of thinking, writing, and making exercises devoted to the how and why of art making. On the first day we focused on ideas, followed by how students make their work on day two, and lastly on day three, we looked closely at challenges and blocks. 

We began each day with an exercise to get everyone thinking deeply about their work followed by a 3D "sketching" project using common materials. After lunch we took a walk to observe our surroundings and take pictures of the things we find interesting. Then I asked students to observe what they observed by studying the photos and jotting down quick notes. The afternoon was spent with another focused thinking/writing exercise and then independent work time. Students could use these hours to dive into a project of their own or try any number of process exercises I had suggested. I took this time to meet with each student for 15 minutes to talk about their work. By the end of day three everyone had lots of writing done and made lots of wonderful, exploratory pieces. My students worked so hard in those 24 hours and were so open and fun. I felt just as inspired as they were!

I also gave a lecture the first day to a big crowd. Throughout the course of the talk, I detailed my career, process, individual bodies of work, and travel. I always try to be conversational and enjoy making eye contact with as many people as possible. Everyone seemed really engaged as I spoke and there were great questions and comments at the end. 

detail of some of the fantastic student work

during my lecture
Julie tearing copier paper

Checha fitting a bracelet made of egg cartons 

talking about the "how" on day two

a brooch by Barbara

Satpreet sewing on cardboard 

Thanks to Pratt, Rebbecca Tomas, Jewelry/Metals Manager and instructor at Pratt, and my students for such an incredible weekend! I would also like to thank the National Endowment for the ArtsSeattle Office of Arts & Culture, and 4culture for helping to make the Master Series possible.

See more pictures on Flickr.

Thanks for reading.

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Gill Miller said...

Looks very exciting - how did you decide on the range of materials to be used in the students work ?
I very much like the organic forms.