Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Pearl Piece Update #3

handmade polymer clay pearls from Gill Miller, 
Lancaster Park, Morpeth, England 
(Gill is an admirer of my work and a fellow artist.

As I mentioned in my first update I have nearly 70 pearl contributions, which is remarkable to me. Most pearls have come from around the U.S. but I have received several from other countries, too, including Iceland, England, Austria, Netherlands, and Germany. I know many of the contributors--friends, family members, colleagues--but there are a number of people I don't know. Pearls have ranged from perfect singular pieces to strands of creamy faux pearls to natural pearls in very unusual shapes. One person made pearls for me with polymer clay. This diversity is what I was hoping for: all kinds of pearls from all kinds of people, and I get more and more excited with each new pearl that arrives. When I get a package, I open it carefully and examine the contents. There is often a note to read, too. I add the contributor's name to my growing list along with where he or she lives and a short description of the donation. Then I send a thank you message and photograph the pearl and packaging here in my studio. I feel all these steps are necessary and part of the process. I usually take this time to focus on the donation and the person who gave it to me whether I know her or not. Here are pictures of a few contributions:

very unusual natural pearl from Chris Keener, Huron, OH 
(Chris is a former student.)

two strands of faux pearls from Michele Tuegel, St. Petersburg, FL 
(Michele is one of my gallerists.)

perfect pearl from Rebbecca Tomas, Seattle, WA 
(Rebbecca works at Pratt Fine Arts Center and we have been working together on my upcoming class.) 

Thanks for reading.

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