Monday, April 6, 2015

Showing a Way

Last Tuesday I was a visiting artist at Syracuse University and taught a workshop about process. I began by explaining what process is and how I discovered my own, one of the most important things I did while a resident artist at Penland. I gave each student a series of handouts that describe my process, list questions students can consider for themselves, and define the basic steps of process. Then I lead a writing exercise to help students find their inspirations, followed by what I call "3D sketching" in which students make a piece of jewelry in one hour. I like the combination of a simple writing exercise and a hands-on exercise because it provides a balanced introduction to defining one's process. I really love seeing what everyone is thinking about presented in written form and then as an object. After the workshop I gave a public lecture and ended the day at a delicious Indian restaurant with my colleagues from the school.

Thanks for reading.

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