Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February at SÍM

I'm very happy to be back at SÍM in Reykjavík. I'm in my "old" space with that spectacular view of the sea, and given the winter weather, it's even more variable than over the early summer when I was here last. I love working in this spot. I love watching the clouds roll in and listening to the waves crash against the break wall.

I'm working on two new pieces for my upcoming solo exhibition at Sienna Gallery as well as developing the overall concept for the show, writing my artist statement, planning logistics, and so on. However, I won't make either piece until I return to the U.S.; this is just the research/thinking/writing part of my process. In addition to this work, I'm also taking my long walks, working with new found objects, making small drawings with horse hair, creating more videos, and, of course, shooting many, many photographs.

image of my view when I started writing this post

desk detail

image still from a video made in Blönduós

 horse hair drawing in my sketchbook

my latest finds from a low tide walk along the sea

image of my view when I was done writing this post, 
after about 20 minutes

Thanks for reading.

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