Monday, November 10, 2014

I Live Here Now, in a Garage

I exhibited I Live Here Now in the garage at Velvet da Vinci, not a usual space for a show at the gallery. I'm the first person to have work there, as well as the first person to create a piece specifically for the elevator. The garage at Velvet is a fantastic space and is loaded with potential. It has a tiled, concrete floor, particle board walls and fluorescent lights. It's also full of what I consider to be beautiful details, like peeling paint, exposed cables and unfinished spackling. The dual light sources also add to the beauty of the space, a mix of brassy, man-made light and translucent glowing from the frosted panes of the garage door. Together, the textures, patinas, layered light, muted colors and rough edges were a perfect compliment to my work, and vice-versa. The space and the jewelry worked together in a natural and dynamic way.

I spent a day setting up the show and took my time to consider where each piece would look best. It was a fairly simple process because it was the third time installing this exhibition and also because the space was so inspiring to work with.


See more pics on Flickr.

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