Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Corner of My Eye: Dada Peak

The poster for Dada Peak caught my eye one day as I walked along Laugevegur, the busy "main street" of Reykjavík. I saw that dramatic, sculpture object and veered off course to get a closer look. The exhibition of sculptural rings by Benas Staskauskas was opening the next day and I was excited I would be able to catch it in time.

The show was at an Icelandic craft and design gallery called Kirsuberjatréð and it did not disappoint. The rings were displayed on shelves suspended from the ceiling at different levels and each ring was carefully placed; each had a presence all its own and together they created a collective identity. The rings were quite varied in size, color, texture and material but with a definite aesthetic style running throughout. I was impressed with the variety, details and the size of the collection, which numbered over 50 pieces.

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