Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Collected and Captured

My souvenirs are not store-bought tokens or t-shirts. Instead, they are bits and pieces of detritus or various natural objects I spy on the ground as I walk. I found many souvenirs in those three months in Iceland, the pieces becoming arrangements in my SÍM studio and an ever-evolving source of inspiration, remembrance and comfort. 

Some of my most-prized finds are three porcelain forms probably used in electronics. (top image) I was told you can find these washed-up on the beaches and was lucky to find one last year while walking in Blönduós. Then one day in May, I set out on a mission to look for them in Reykjavík. I walked along the coast in the west of the city and was very pleased to find not just one (which I would have been completely happy with), but three. The last one I found was labeled "champion," an appropriate word for how I was feeling in that moment. 

Thanks for reading.


Catherine Chandler said...

I really love the arrangements of objects here--how they have relationships to each other and a story intertwining them.

Unknown said...

Once while scuba-diving I found an entire "nest" of about 30 or 40
Champion spark plugs thirty feet down. They would sway in the surge but not move very far.