Monday, June 16, 2014

Fieldwork: New Territory

It's been a busy couple of days for Fieldwork. We are nearly done with our map and spent a few hours today cleaning the exhibition space. This project, which marks some new territory for me, uses all sorts of media and materials to communicate and share an experience. There's an interactive Google map, found objects, a variety of data, writing, photography, video and sound. We will present these forms in an alternative exhibition format and allow our audience to participate in whatever way they wish from exploring the map to examining physical objects. The exhibition space is a well-worn artist studio with beautiful natural light, paint splashed tables and a stainless utility sink. John and I will try to create an inviting laboratory of information, narrative and objects via arrangements and projections.

I'm finding the entire process to be exciting, challenging and very, very interesting. It combines so many things that I love like maps and collecting and is also opening me up to new forms of expression through the use of data and the internet. It's also my first collaborative piece like this and the balanced give and take that is happening is wonderful.

Presentation #1 takes place this coming Wednesday from 6-8pm.

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