Friday, July 5, 2013

Island of 14,264 Days

After a great deal of thought and much writing, I have chosen a title and completed the statement for my embroidered piece. It is called "Island of 14,264 Days."

"Island of 14,264 Days is an imaginary island that represents my life. It presents my experiences both past and present as an independent landmass that is seen at once in a faraway and a close-up view. It is also as a kind of self-portrait, an abstracted interpretation of my physical form and persona. I made this piece during an artist residency in Iceland where I was constantly inspired by the environment, the weather, and the isolation of the location.

The shape of the island, which took approximately 200 hours to create, was not predetermined. Instead, it formed intuitively, knot by knot, with needle and thread. I used an embroidered knot for its inherent texture, pattern, and layering possibilities, to mimic lichen and moss, and to symbolize the act of not forgetting. I utilized only one stitch, the Colonial knot, as a way to create focus and to add to the contemplative process. The island is white to reference Iceland and to symbolize solitude, honesty, and the beginning of something new--feelings and states of being that I was present with as the piece developed.

I made this piece to spend deliberate time processing and making sense of my experiences, both wonderful and troubling. I felt it necessary to slow down and consider each moment individually and collectively and embroidery was the perfect way to do this--it is an innately slow and methodical technique. The moments captured in the countless knots comprise the number of days I had lived when I completed the piece, as the island itself established a place of existence and home for me."

Thanks for reading and a huge, huge thanks for reading and following and commenting while I was away. I return to the U.S. this weekend and I'll be back here shortly after that with final happenings, thoughts, and photos. 


Elisa Baroja said...

Thanks a lot Amy, and have a good trip!

Catherine Chandler said...

Amy, your work is incredible. While following this I have found a few things inspiring--your use and concentration of a different material; your inspiration from nature; and just generally seeing where your ideas are coming from. It's so interesting seeing the world from another artist's eyes. Can't wait to see what you create next!