Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Have so Much to Tell You! Part 3

my work at the SNAG Showcase

And then I went to the SNAG Conference in Phoenix, AZ...I gave a 15 minute lecture as part of the "Spotlight" series along with Caitie Sellers, Loring Taoka, Allyson Bone, and Andrew Hayes.  I was terribly nervous for this talk, more than I have ever been. There were maybe 600 people there, all colleagues, and I have never spoken to that large of a group before. I second guessed myself at the last minute and read my lecture form a script. I usually rely on my memory to give my talks and it usually goes pretty well. I was just so worried I would forget something! It's all a blur now and I'm still not sure how I feel about it. I think it went ok. I have gotten some wonderful comments from audience members which makes me think it did indeed go just fine. The other talks were all fantastic and I want to say congratulations to my fellow Spotlighters! How fantastic to share the stage with such talented metalsmiths and all-around awesome individuals!
Hot Under the Collar display

I also co-juried "Hot Under the Collar" with Bob Ebendorf. The show was the brainchild of Liz Steiner and featured necklaces from traditional to contemporary. Back in March Bob and I chose the work, beginning with over 400 pieces. After more than 10 hours, we had created a collection of about 30 pieces. I really enjoyed the process of choosing, debating why or why not, and then finalizing a group that not only showcased the finest work, but also a group that looked good together. Once I arrived at the exhibition, I was just speechless. I knew it would be a beautiful show, but it was better than I had imagined. (Note: I hope I got those numbers right! I can't remember the exact details...I will correct myself if necessary.)
my work at Heat Exchange

Also that night, I got to see "Heat Exchange," an enameling exhibition featuring the work of artists from Europe, Australia, and the United States. The show was incredible and I am still in shock that I was included, considering my limited experience with the material.

The following images are all from the gallery crawl that evening...including "SNAG Showcase: 2012 Conference Presenters," "Cu/29: Contemporary Works in Copper," and "eleMEnTAL: Becky Chader McDonah, Tedd R. McDonah, and Lynette Andreasen."
SNAG Showcase
Lynette Andreason
Susie Ganch looking at the work of Robin Bold in the copper show

Other conference highlights for me include the lecture by Bettina Speknor, acquiring a few souvenirs at the Trunk Show Sale, and spending time with dear friends. The conference was fantastic and I am honored that I got to participate at the level I a lecture, jurying a show, exhibiting my's good to give back and I was honored to do so. 

Thank you to Becky, Tedd, and Lynette, conference chairs, and thank you to SNAG!

More images on Flickr.

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