Thursday, February 9, 2012

3D Sketches I Forgot

When I taught my 3D sketching classes at the ECU metals symposium a few weeks ago I made two different pieces as my students made theirs. I recently took all my photos off my camera's memory card and found the images of these pieces. One is a collage of leather scraps taped together and the other is composed of torn pieces of the top sheet of a ream of paper (the piece that advertises the features of the paper and the paper company itself). I made something like this for my solo show using a USPS priority mail envelop. I like the idea so much I felt compelled to make a second version. The other brooch was a challenge to use just the scraps students had discarded on the desk where all the materials were. I like both pieces very much and can see pushing the ideas further sometime in the future in similar materials or in metal.

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