Friday, February 4, 2011

Guest Star #70...Marzia Rossi

Today's Guest Star is Marzia Rossi from Italy. What I like so much about Marzia's work is the map-like geography, especially from her "Stones" and "Home" series. These pieces look like aerial views or satellite images of specific, yet unknown places. I like the simplicity of design, the mixed textures and patinas, and the quiet, abstract quality of each piece.

You can see her mica series at Sienna Gallery.

Thanks for reading.


b said...

wow. those are amazing!

Roxy Lentz said...

I love Marzia's work. She was one of my teachers during a two week class at Alchimia in Florence Italy. She is a good teacher, but she did not wear her jewelry, so I never saw it in person. I would love to go back and take another two week class, but that may be a while, the last one was from a grant.

Amy Tavern said...

I would love to take a class there, too. I am going to Italy in October and would like to at least visit Alchimia. I hope you can find yourself there again one day!