Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Show!

I worked with my most unusual material yet when I made 25 brooches out of snow for the recent "Snow Show" at Penland. Core fellows Ian Henderson and Leah Frost made a giant igloo and hosted a special exhibition featuring art inspired by, or in my case made with, snow. The snow-themed art was inside the igloo and included work by core fellows, studio coordinators, and other community members.

Snow is not an easy material to work with! I had to work quickly and with gloves on. Once the pieces were done I spritzed them with water and froze them for several hours before the opening. The first 25 people at the show got to wear and keep one. (Process pics on flickr.)

steel pins with white tool dip by Daniel Beck

tissue paper light by Rosina Saqib

I posted lots more images on Flickr. You can also visit the Penland School of Crafts Facebook page to see more pictures.

Thanks for reading.

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