Thursday, July 8, 2010

tiny gallery!

the tiny gallery opened its doors yesterday for the the first time. the event was really fun and i am so happy i was a part of it. the gallery is totally portable and super easy to install - it's made of 6 salvaged doors that are hinged together. the 6 participating artists who each got a door to display their work made incredible pieces and everything looked wonderful together. we had a great time installing the show in the morning, too - we each took our turn because there really wasn't room inside for more than one person to install at a time. we helped each other and the camaraderie was heartwarming. i will post lots of pics on flickr of the series i made just for the show as well as images of all the participants setting up and their individual work. i'll blog about my own work next week.

and me...
...more later.

thanks for reading.

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klineola said...

Wonderful! I'm sorry I haven't been up to see it. But maybe I'll be up for show and tell?! if it's still there...