Wednesday, November 4, 2009

artist talk, anika smulovitz

yesterday i went to hear anika smulovitz talk about her work. she is a visiting artist in the metals class at penland this week. i enjoyed the lecture - she started with her first metals endeavors and then on to graduate and post graduate work. what i was most interested in was her ideas and where they come from. i think of myself as a formalist not a conceptualist so i am often fascinated by work that is content based. she also talked about the non-neutrality of materials, which to me means materials have meaning and should be chosen carefully. i'm still contemplating this...afterward she gave a talk about the art metals program at boise state university where she is the professor.

i met anika over the summer when she was taking a class in the wood studio at penland. we had a chance to talk about our work then and i walked away with some fresh ideas. we are planning another session to continue the conversation for before she heads home. more on that to follow.

all images by ariella bos

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