Tuesday, September 2, 2014


video still of light reflecting on a river in Asheville 

I've been collecting videos for awhile now, recording two-minutes of visuals, light and movement using my point-and-shoot digital camera. Over the past few months I've been thinking about projecting these videos onto things like objects, trees, buildings and water, wondering what would happen and considering the video and the elements of the video as materials. I planned to create an installation while at Penland and thought I would build a space within an existing space. However, I couldn't stop thinking about projection and realized I had to take this opportunity to work with my videos and "sketch" in real time, in real scale and in public. I worked with my friend and fellow artist, Mark Boyd, and together we set up a projector at an angle and several feet above the edge of a pond. The video projected on the surface of the water and up into the trees, the trees reflected onto the water, and the rippling of the water itself reflected onto the trees. In addition, leaves and pine needles floating on the surface of the water added unusual details. Neither of us knew any of this would happen and were beyond excited to discover all the effects that occurred simultaneously. We also played Sigur Rós on a sound system and the music layered beautifully with the ambient noises of insects and tree frogs. It was an exciting hour and now I have even more information to work with. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos because it was too dark to capture everything but I will remedy this the next time...

the pond in daylight

practicing a few nights before by projecting on the trees near the metals studio

 the projector the evening of the installation

still from another video I projected that evening, water trickling along a glacier in iceland

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