Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Parallel Constellations - The Opening

thanks to Nat Hansen for the wonderful photo of Raissa and I during our artist talk

What a wonderful opening it was! The work looked beautiful, lots of people came, and we gave a casual, yet intimate talk. It all felt incredibly natural and personal, right on par with the entire process from developing the idea to making the work to collaborating to installing the finished pieces in the gallery. What an absolute pleasure to celebrate with a dear friend and colleague after two years of planning and working.

Thanks to everyone who attended the opening - it felt truly special. Huge thanks to the Metal Arts Guild of San Francisco for making a special trip and for all the great questions and conversation. And, finally, sincere thanks to Karen and Katrina of Gallery Lulo for taking us on and for being so supportive throughout the process. 

Thanks to the amazing Suzanne Pugh for these great photos, too! (top and bottom)

More images on Flickr.

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