Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Parallel Constellations - The Install

Raissa and I installed the work on Friday before the opening and it really could not have gone better. We began with our collaborative pieces because we knew we wanted them together--it was a simple, defined place to start. Then we moved on to our black and white necklaces. Next we began working with a grouping of tables, selecting one for her pieces, one for mine, and the other two for a mix of our work. Finally, we added more work to the walls and in the end, filled the space. 

The process was easy as we exchanged thoughts on what would be the best use of the space and the best places for our pieces. Karen and Katrina, our gallerists, were very supportive. They were open to our ideas and helped us to fully utilize the gallery. Our choices and the way the installation unfolded felt natural and unforced. 

More images on Flickr.

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