Thursday, September 19, 2013

Parallel Constellations - The Final

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Just a few final thoughts about my two-person show with Raissa Bump...The entire process was wonderful from start to finish. It really and truly was. Two years ago we were invited by Gallery Lulo to do this show over lunch on a beautiful California day. In January of this year we began developing the concept and started making the work. Over the following months we talked frequently, discussing progress, problems, and triumphs.

photo: Metal Arts Guild of San Francisco

Working with Raissa couldn't have been easier or more lovely. We worked beautifully together as we shared ideas and challenges and made decisions regarding various aspects of the exhibition. We were also supportive of one another all along the way. I arrived in San Francisco a few days before we installed the work and spent most of my time with Raissa in her home and studio. We talked more about the work and the process and even made new pieces side by side. It felt fantastic to have an equal partner in a big project like this. It was good to know I was not alone, while being challenged in new ways to do well. I loved every minute! I'm glad we had that time together before the opening. It felt like the perfect end to the story. It felt really special.

Raissa was the person who encouraged me to get back into one-of-a-kind work several years ago when I was feeling discouraged by production jewelry. Since then we have become good friends and close colleagues. Being in a show with her was a wonderful way for me to honor our relationship. It was also a wonderful new way to experience what I do. I am honored to be in a show with such a dear friend and colleague and it was truly an absolute pleasure to work with her.

Thank you, Raissa! 

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Lisette said...

Congratulations on the show Amy, it looks beautiful and what a wonderful way to show your work than with someone whose been a friend and colleague along the way!

Amy Tavern said...

Thanks, Lisette! It really was wonderful. Such a treat to work and celebrate with her!