Saturday, September 22, 2012

London! National Gallery and More

I visited London's National Gallery just to see The Arnolfini Portrait by Jan Van Eyck and, of course, saw lots of other wonderful paintings in addition. The Van Eyck is an incredible painting. I remember studying it in art history class and it seems like we spent an entire class discussing it, and with good reason: it is so rich in detail, symbolism, and story. I was lucky enough to listen in on a short talk about the painting, too, and then stood there and just looked for quite awhile. After I walked from room to room...The museum is really good. It has an excellent collection and the size of the gallery is manageable.
Later as I walked to the Underground a painting of birds in a gallery window caught my eye and I went in to see the work. It was part of a two-person show at ROA GAllery  with work by Daniel Shadbolt and Lucy Mellor. Both artists were present and I had a glass of wine with them as we chatted about the work. I really liked the pairing of the two styles and what a treat to talk with both artists.
ROA Gallery
 Parliament by Lucy Mellor
The Violinist by Daniel Shadbolt

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