Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Few Final Thoughts

Displaying the final collection is an exciting and challenging task for me and, just like when I am making my work in my studio, things inevitably change during the installation. I like to have a loose plan or idea before I begin, but I also try to be open to changes that one can only see in the moment.
You can see all the work and also purchase your favorite piece on the Beyond Fashion website. After you reach the homepage, just click on "expo." Each image includes measurements, materials, and the retail price in euros. 
I discovered this hand-written schedule while making my coffee one afternoon in the gallery. It made me happy. 
My kitty friend and the pet of my gallerists. She is very difficult to photograph--she moves all the time! I have many blurry pictures of her and I'm glad the one I have that's in focus is so cute. 
Finally, thanks to Prairie Underground...Having beautiful clothes to wear added to the excitement of both the lecture and the opening reception. (They designed the dress I wore at the opening reception of "This is How I Remember It," too!)

See all my pictures of the work and my process, the show, and my trip on Flickr. I have also posted the text from my lecture there and on Facebook.

Thanks for reading.

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