Friday, September 21, 2012

London! Enameled Books

My friend, Amanda, reminded me that an enameled books show we are in at Studio Fusion would open while I was in London. How cool! I made my books at Penland, one during a summer class I visited and the other in February in the textiles studio. (That was such a nice day. Amanda and I hung out together--I was making a book, she was threading looms.) The exhibition features the work of the Ele Annand, Beate Gegenwarte, Cath Fairgrieves, Jane Wells Harrison, Amanda Thatch, Barbara McFadyen, Elizabeth Turrell and Eileen Wallace. It's a great collection of styles from simple to complicated and I am pleased to be a part of such a great group, especially with some Penland friends. I have been interested in making books for years so this opportunity was a real treat, too.
one of my books

Amanda Thatch
Ele Annand

I created a set on Flickr that includes process shots along with more views of the show.

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