Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the barns: 2009

i handed in my work for the penland resident artist show, the barns: 2009, a few days ago. since returning from the american craft exposition i have worked non-stop on this new body of work. i was concerned when i began that i could be getting myself into a world of trouble because i did not have a lot of time - less than 2 weeks. getting started was a struggle as sometimes starting is the hardest part. once i did though the work just came and making it became one of the most enjoyable experiences i've had in my studio yet. i will post more photos on flickr soon.
the exhibition opens september 29 with an opening reception on friday, october 2 from 7-8:30. the show closes december 6.

i am currently on vacation and will return to my studio next tuesday. see you then and thanks for reading.


Mio Studio said...

Very beautiful!!!

Sarah said...

Nice work! I wish I was going to be around to see the show, but I'm sure it will be wonderful. Have a nice vacation!