Tuesday, September 8, 2009

american craft exposition, part 2

judith kinghorn

for me, one of the best parts of doing shows like the american craft exposition is the people i meet. this time around i was most excited to meet sandra enterline, pat flynn, mark hartung and gretchen goss, and reiko ishiyama. i admire their work and it was great to talk with them and see their work in person. some new people i met who's work i was not so familiar with include judith kinghorn and deborah faye adler. in addition i was psyched to spend some time with biba schutz and todd reed, two of my favorites!

sandra enterline

deborah faye adler

in the emerging section i was happy to meet grace chin and genevieve yang who both make beautiful work. it was fun to meet them and talk about our work and businesses.
grace chin's display

these are just a few of the incredible group of jewelry artists at this show. to see a full list, please visit the ACE website.

thanks for reading.


Lusanda. M said...

Hi Amy
My name is lusanda. Jewellery designer from South Africa. I just wanted to tell you that I enjoy your blog alot. It gives me hope that my blog can get better. Thanks

Amy Tavern said...

thank you so much, lusanda! good luck!