Thursday, September 3, 2009

american craft exposition, part 1

here are a few images of my area in the emerging artist section. i kept it very simple as i think you can see. i had to fly to the show so i couldn't bring a lot with me. i did ship some display pieces but i did not know what to expect and didn't send, much. i requested cases in the planning stages, but then couldn't use the ones they had for me. i opted for these tables instead. (i was planning on having all my jewelry out and not under glass anyway.) when i first created my display it was pretty flat and similar to the way i do things in my own studio gallery. friday was a long day (10am-8pm) and was rather slow for my own sales. i kept thinking of things i could do to bolster interest/purchasing and looked to my display area...i felt it could use some work so i thought about ways to improve it when i got back to my hotel that night. i knew i wouldn't have time in the morning to go anywhere and i didn't want to spend any money so i had to get creative. i turned my portfolio ring binder into a necklace display, used my storage boxes for more height, and added many of my red gift boxes for color and more levels. the result was much better and i sold more saturday than i did the day before. (this, of course, is also due to other factors as well, but i would like to think the improved display helped.)

more tomorrow...

thanks for reading.

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