Tuesday, September 23, 2008

item of the week

for the next couple of tuesdays i plan to write about my new fall preview pieces for item of the week and i want to begin with my absolute favorite, the scallop links necklace. when i designed my pieces back in august, this style was not included because i hadn't thought of it yet. the idea didn't exist until i was actually making my preview pieces a few weeks later. i was working with another completely different idea for the steel and gold collection, playing around with various shapes and combinations, but was really struggling. nothing satisfied me. a few days later i remembered my desire for more dimension in my work and considered how i could make this happen in my new pieces. i had also just gotten back from the beach and had shells on my mind, specifically scallops. i started manipulating my long oval shape with a hammer and was very happy with the resulting curve. when i linked a few together i found they created a wonderful scallop edge. i also liked how loose the pattern was, changing as the necklace shifted on the body. the above picture shows this quality nicely.

all my new fall preview pieces are 20% off from now until october 15th.

thanks for reading.

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