Wednesday, September 3, 2008

fall preview

on september 22 i will launch a fall preview of what's next for spring 2009. for a few weeks now i've been thinking a lot about how i can incorporate more sheet metal, add dimension, and all together make my lines more cohesive. last week i made 10 new pieces for the preview. i was excited at the beginning of the week to work on new jewelry, but then struggled each day to make the pieces really work. most of them weren't quite right at first and in many cases i completely scrapped my ideas - they weren't dynamic or "new" enough and still others looked too much like what lots of other jewelers are doing. however, over a few mornings with fresh eyes i was able to make the necessary alterations to complete each new item to my satisfaction. i know from this recent experience that as i continue making new pieces for 2009, i will be faced with more challenges and considerations.

thanks for reading.

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