Tuesday, September 9, 2008

item of the week

today's item of the week is the bean bracelet from my egg & bean collection. i made the original bean bracelet for myself long before the entire collection came to be. i can never find bracelets to fit my freakishly small wrist and wanted a few hammered bangle style pieces for easy, everyday wear. i first made a small round bangle in sterling wire and then bent it into an ovoid. then i took it a little further by adding the indentation along the side. i tried it on and couldn't believe how well it fit. the ovoid fit naturally over the curve of my hand and the little bend allowed the bracelet to sit just so. it was definitely one of those eureka! moments for me.

please enjoy 20% off the bean bracelet for the week, sept. 9-15.
regularly $60 each, on sale for $48.

thanks for reading.

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Judy Shreve said...

Is the measurement of the bracelet an interior measurement? I'm not sure which size to purchase -- It's for my husband who has a small hand. Thanks!