Tuesday, September 2, 2008

item of the week

this week's item of the week is not one but two earring styles - small and large aligned post earrings. when i was deciding on this week's item i thought, "what shape do i absolutely love?" i had a quick and easy answer - aligned - which i think you can see best in these two pairs of earrings. i create this shape using a "finger shaped mandrel" intended to make ring bands with the comfortable, more natural shape of a rounded square. i bought this mandrel a few years ago as a treat. later, when i was developing my preface collection, i didn't want to limited myself to working with just the preface shape so i turned to that mandrel. i felt its design was complimentary to the unconventional geometry of preface. for my aligned shape, i hammer the outside of the piece and flatten the top and bottom ever so slightly in the rolling mill. the result is a simple, mildly unexpected form.

please enjoy 20% off small and large aligned post earrings for the week, sept 2-8.

small regularly $50, on sale for $37.50
large regularly $58, on sale for $43.50

thanks for reading.

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