Wednesday, March 12, 2008

megan auman, snag installment #2

one of my fellow presenters at the professional development seminar was megan auman, a bright, talented, and enthusiastic metalsmith. she lives in pennsylvania, where she makes jewelry and sculpture and also teaches at towson university in maryland. megan's presentation was about navigating the web, blogging, websites, etsy, etc. her presentation was just before mine and i felt like they complimented each other perfectly. it seemed as though they were meant to be partnered. i enjoyed meeting and talking with megan. we even talked about a way for us to combine our efforts on these topics for emerging artists...very exciting.

let me just say, this girl is on fire! she's exhibiting, selling, teaching, speaking up, and making her mark in the community. that's all very exciting, too.

here's where you can find her:

her website
her blog

thanks for reading.

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