Friday, March 28, 2008

guest star friday no. 8...karola torkos

today's guest star is karola torkos. she's been on my list of "jewelers to remember." karola makes interesting, playful work, rich with lines and pattern. many of her pieces are "changeable/variable," a concept i am drawn to. i am very interested in jewelry that can be worn more than one way and even have a few pieces in my collection that are mildly changeable. karola says in her statement, "Giving the wearer the possibility to change the look of a jewellery piece is in some way handing over the last step in the design process. This is a challenge for both the designer and the wearer and it leads to a very personal relationship to design or art." love it. this connection between maker and wearer is fantastic, so worthwhile. karola works with a variety of materials, creating shapes and patterns, and then layers them. these layers are attached or hinged in such a way that each piece can be folded, looped, wrapped, or flipped into several different pieces. another interesting aspect of karola's work can be seen in the top piece which is an "interpretation of exercising a three-dimensional drawing." as i mentioned just the other day, i've been studying and making jewelry that references or incorporates drawing so i was immediately intrigued by this piece. love it again.

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