Monday, March 17, 2008

books, snag installment #4

i love books. they are one of the only things i spend money on these days and collecting them can be (is) a weakness. while at snag i made sure to take some time to look through charon kranson's selection. he usually has several long tables covered in books upon books, all about jewelry. this time, i was most interested in exhibition and artist catalogs and, i swear, i looked through every single one he had! i started by taking a quick look and if something sparked my interest i would hold on to it. after making the rounds, i had a pile of books and went through them again, but this time not so quickly. i finally decided on a mikromegas, vera siemund - schmuck, and esther knobel - the mind in the hand. each catalog is just fantastic, great pictures, and just enough text. they will inspire me for years to come.

the above pictures - brooch/esther knobel, necklace/vera siemund, and a page from mikromegas

thanks for reading.

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Anonymous said...

Amy! I'm researching for the Met and my research brought me here! How fantastic.

big love, Susie