Thursday, June 4, 2015

Final Days, Part 3

my pearls packed into my carry-on in their original packaging

Yet another allover-the-place kind of day... I started with a custom 14K gold chain link bracelet, while putting the finishing touches on my last Etsy order, a custom ring set, and the new work for my galleries. I've also been preparing all this work to ship and started packing the studio just a little. I registered for my classes for my first semester at CCA, too, after finally getting my new CCA email account all set up and actually working. I'm so excited about my classes: contemporary art history, dialogues and practices, studio practice, and a seminar class yet to be determined. (I had to rank nine classes in order of preference and will find out in a week which one I get. They all sound good so I can't go wrong.) I'm only half way through the day now and still have what seems like a million little things to do, and today absolutely has to be my last day at the bench. Everything must be completed. Tomorrow I'm driving to Lenox, MA to Sienna Patti Contemporary to deliver work for my October solo show along with other one of a kind pieces, including I Live Here Now for summer in the gallery. Then I have to pack up and move more stuff into my storage unit this weekend. 

These are exciting times, my friends. 

in progress 14K custom bracelet

gallery, Etsy, and custom orders almost ready to ship

screen cap of some of my CCA first semester classes

stacking rings in an older design from my original collection days

Thanks for reading.

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