Tuesday, January 6, 2015

And Further, In Between Pro-Shots

Tools for Making Decisions

A few weeks ago, I got professional images of In Between and Tools for Making DecisionsIn Between was photographed by Leslie Williamson, a new photographer for me, based in San Francisco. The Tools images were taken by Hank Drew, whom I have worked with for years. Leslie also took a few images of I Live Here Now at Velvet da Vinci. I highly recommend visiting my website where you can see these images in huge, full-format detail. I have also updated my website with a current resume and statements, including the statement for In BetweenFinally, I added a new series of images, called "11 Minutes," that I took on my 40th birthday in Stykkishólmur, Iceland.

In Between

"In Between explores transition through ideas of memory, choice, and place. Transition, or the ‘in between,’ requires patience and contemplation. We often make decisions using observation, logic, instinct, intuition, and collective experience to guide ourselves. Nine necklaces composed of handmade, found, and altered objects, form a group of decision-making tools based on the five traditional and four combined senses. These senses are the basic tools of observation and perception, problem-solving, and choice. One thousand unique paper bows that reference countless memories are suspended above the necklaces in a careful arrangement. The accumulation of these memories forms the foundation of intuition and instinct, complicated by the emotions associated with each experience. Together, the necklaces and bows provide a balanced approach to navigating transition." 

In Between: Intuition, detail

In Between

I Live Here Now at Velvet da Vinci

I Live Here Now at Velvet da Vinci

Tools for Making Decisions: Pain, detail, brass, Dolorimeter
 (a tool for measuring pain threshold)

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