Friday, September 5, 2014

Directions for Installing an Exhibition

Step 8: Step back & look & be happy & go home. Very pleased w/ today, work looks beautiful here.

I drove to Cherry Branch Gallery in Cherry Valley, NY to install my exhibition, "I Live Here Now," early this morning. Then over the course of the day, I systematically installed the work, focusing on one thing at a time which helped me  keep a clear mind and feel relaxed. I'm a little under the weather so I've taken a slow pace all day with little breaks in between each task. The space looks great and I'm very pleased. I was on Twitter throughout the process and the pictures here include captions from Tweets.

The show opens tomorrow, September 6, from 5-7 at the Cherry Branch Gallery.

Arrived at the gallery. Lots to do, but i love installing… show opens tomorrow by the way!

Step 1: unpack the work

Step 2: Get brain food. Coffee, grilled muffin. 
Along the way, I saw my posters in many of the shops.

Step 3: Compose layout. I think I have enough pedestals, there's plenty of wall space. Will be open to adjustments...

 Step 4: Display the work. Everything has a place/enough room & layout feels good

Step 5: Drill holes & hang things. Walls are often tougher than they seem, I need a sharper drill bit.

Step 6: Remove the work & paint the pedestals. Then take a break as the paint dries.

Step 7: Iron my Island and frame it again

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