Monday, March 5, 2012

Some of the Best Things I Make

My friend, Elizabeth Brim, celebrated a milestone birthday in late 2011 and I made her a pearl necklace. Elizabeth loves pearls, wearing them practically everyday along with a signature bow in her hair. When I was deciding what to make her I knew it had to include pearls so I made my version of a pearl necklace using pink spray paint over natural pearls. I also added two big black satin bows to reference her blacksmithing background and her love of the macabre. She looks beautiful in it (see top image).
I have made other pieces recently for friends that are now among my favorites. I realized as I made the latest one that when I think about someone specifically while I am making the piece, it turns out stronger and more beautiful. It can be an intense thing for me to do this--thinking about what the person means to me, about things we have done together, about what he or she simply helps me to create better work. (And also knowing how happy the gift will make the person, that's a wonderful feeling, too.)

 arc earrings for Janet
 brooch for Mike
earrings for Tara

More images on Flickr.

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