Monday, June 27, 2011

Unexpected Inspiration

My friend Betsy DeWitt brought this back for me from Florida. It reminded her of me and is now my favorite thing. She knew it was for crabbing, but wasn't exactly sure of the how. After a Google search, I learned it's a "crab hand line with weighted bait clip" and seems to work like a fishing pole, without the pole. You add bait (chicken necks works best!), cast it into the water, and wait. Then you reel it in and use a net to bring the crab out of the water. As for me and my vegetarian lifestyle I will only be using it for inspiration. I love its simplicity - it's just a triangular safety pin! Add some string and other objects and you have one fantastic piece of minimalist jewelry. I have posted a picture of one I found online below and some lovely safety pins also for fishing.

Thanks so much to Betsy!

 Thanks for reading.

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