Thursday, December 16, 2010

my favorites 2010

brooch tipinea by mirjam hiller

my schedule usually slows down this time of year, mid-december, so i've spent the last week doing my bookkeeping and inventory as well as organizing my office and studio. i like taking time to do these kinds of things. it's good for my mind and body to take a break from making work. it gives my hands time to heal from daily studio wear-and-tear and allows my mind a chance to process. yesterday, i updated my delicious account with bookmarks i've saved throughout the year and i picked out my favorite jewelry related ones to share with you now:

trip to europe 1973 by lisa walker

necklaces by lauren manoogian

sally collins
susanne matsche
mirjam hiller
art forward
lisa walker
a peace treaty
karin johansson
ted muehling
thief and bandit
lila ruby king
charm and chain
gallery funaki
djurdjica kesic
lauren manoogian
rebecca sako
beth legg
malou paul
pia aleborg

white bracelet by susanne matsche

earrings by triian

thanks for reading.

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