Monday, June 28, 2010

gallery lulo

here are a few images of the pieces i made for my new gallery, gallery lulo, in healdsburg, ca. i completed these pieces in may and worked on them for a long time, mostly because my ideas were just not happening. now i think the trouble stemmed from what i did during the winter: a lot of thinking instead of making. i had a lot on my mind after those 4 months and it got "sticky" in there, as i've been saying to myself. i had much to sort through and it was hard for me to get going again at the bench, to switch gears from thinking to making. but when i got back from my vacation mid-may, things started to click and this group just came together. now i find the best way for me to work through the thoughts is to just keep making things.

more images on flickr.

thanks for reading.

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