Tuesday, October 6, 2009

sparkle plenty

i don't think i've written about sparkle plenty yet...SP is an invitational group exhibtion at quirk gallery in richmond, va. the show was curated by susie ganch. susie chose several jewelers and we were asked to invite another jeweler whom we admire. i chose lori talcott, my friend and mentor. here's a list of the other artists (among them you will see many of my favorites so i am pretty psyched to be in this show):

joanna gollberg
caitie sellers
marlene true
sharon massey
blanka sperkova
biba schutz
sandra enterline
amy tavern
lori talcott

i have been working on spray painted pieces for the show, taking my little graffiti pin concept a bit farther by layering paint and by adding inscribed lines and marks. the look of the jewelry is based on medieval, renaissance, and victorian pieces that i've been reading about. i thought it might be interesting to combine something traditional with something unconventional. here are pictures of my process so far including taping the pieces down to protect the connections from getting covered by paint, my spray paint booth with ventilation, and the jewelry with the first layer of paint.

more images soon...

thanks for reading


Sarah said...

This pin looks fantastic like this! I love the different lines and patterns that you were able to get with this. Awesome work!

kait said...

Looking forward to seeing more of this! That pin is gorgeous!